Book Club: Just My Type

August 28, 2014, 6 pm

Join us for the Reading Under the Roof Cloud Book Club’s next selection – Just My Type –a book about fonts by Simon Garfield.

Book Club: Just My Type

August 28, 2014, 6 pm

Just My Type is a book of stories about fonts. It examines how Helvetica and Comic Sans took over the world. It explains why we are still influenced by type choices made more than 500 years ago, and why the T in the Beatles logo is longer than the other letters. It profiles the great originators of type, from Baskerville to Zapf, as well as people like Neville Brody who threw out the rulebook. The book is about that pivotal moment when fonts left the world of Letraset and were loaded onto computers, and typefaces became something we realized we all have an opinion about. And beyond all this, the book reveals what may be the very best and worst fonts in the world – and what your choice of font says about you.

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