Don Drumm Butter-Moth
“My Butter-Moths are not scientifically butterflies or moths but rather a whimsical take on both creatures. In many cultures, moths and butterflies represent life, transformation, and growth-fitting for the role the Museum has in our community.”
-Don Drumm

Don Drumm has designed exclusive limited edition pieces for The Akron Art Museum’s centennial. The exclusive collection, “Butter-Moth,” is a twist on the classic iconic butterfly images of Don Drumm’s past work. These limited Butter-Moths can only be bought at The Akron Art Museum this winter. And once the Butter-Moths have all flown the retail space, they’re gone for good.

The Butter-Moths are available in various sizes. A Butter-Moth can turn a wall in your house into a gorgeous centerpiece. It’s also available as a necklace to vault your ensemble to the next level.

Shop the exclusive collection online and stop in the shop to see our special, one-of-a-kind pieces.

A members-exclusive pin can only be bought from those who have a membership at the Akron Art Museum. Less than a hundred of these first-edition pins are available to our members. These membership pins will go on sale Thursday, December 1st at an exclusive AAM Members event. With holidays and special events on the horizon, imagine the art lover in your life discovering they own an exclusive Butter-Moth from Don Drumm.

Don Drumm is an Akron legend who has decades of experience crafting original pieces in various metals.

To pre-order your Members Exclusive pin, or inquire about memberships to get access to the exclusive pins, email Krista Smith at or call 330-376-9186 x236.