Akron Art Museum Everyday

March 8, 2019


Make a visit to the Akron Art Museum the best part of your day.

Every week, the Akron Art Museum will feature a menu of daily art experiences you can choose from. Select from art adventures curated by the museum, or enrich your life with activities that you schedule yourself. It’s a way to connect and include art in your everyday life by boosting your health and wellness activities. It’s a way to live a more creative life. It’s #AAMEveryday.

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Here is a sample menu for #AAMEveryday. Use the suggestions below, or create your own art-powered experiences.

Check your email for what’s coming up this week at the museum. Follow the museum on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wordpress) to get more information, updates, fun facts and more. Explore the museum website to go deeper into exhibitions, the collection and the museum experience, or shop for unique, creative gifts for all ages in the Museum Shop.

Photo: Shane Wynn

Get started on the right foot with your personal fitness routine in the museum galleries. Take a lively trip through all six galleries, which adds up to about 1,000 steps. Can you imagine having fabulous artworks as your personal panorama? For an extra 1,000 steps, change your perspective of the galleries by walking in the opposite direction. Don’t forget to note the artworks that catch you eye as your walk, and come back to visit them every day. Want to add even more steps to your routine? Take a walk through the Bud and Susie Rogers Garden, a beautiful one-acre green space that was voted "Hottest Hidden Treasure" at the Akron/Summit Convention and Visitors Bureau's 2019 Zenith Awards. #AAMSteps

Akron Art Museum Bud and Susie Rogers Garden receives 2019 Zenith Award for Hottest Hidden Treasure

Make a mid-week connection and meet up with coworkers in the museum café for a brainstorming session. Take a few minutes to check your email and messages with our free Wi-Fi and be sure to try our lattes, which are to die for. Remember to check out the Museum Shop, because new, unique and creative gifts for all ages arrive every week. #AAMConnect

Thursday is your day. Admission is free all day. Get creative and treat yourself to a snack or a latte in the café, or take a mini gallery tour (coming soon!) of recommended artworks from our list of curated art experiences. The mini-tours present three artworks you can find in the galleries that are grouped by a fun or thought-provoking theme. Or, take in a guided tour, gallery talk, member events or any of our other great programs. #AAMFreeThurs

Meet up with a friend and find your art oasis in the galleries. Spend a few moments to relax and escape from all the hustle and bustle. Don’t forget to share your favorite artwork in our collection on social media. #AAMEveryday Stay active and get your 2,000 steps by walking through the galleries every day.

Photo: Shane Wynn

Participate in our Saturday family programs like Tots Create, Kids Studio or Family Days. Take a gallery tour with Dot, our digital tour guide and share your experience with friends and family. #AAMEveryday and #AAMDot

Sunday is fun day at the Akron Art Museum. Pick up a delicious treat and an espresso in the café. Now that you are ready to go, take a walk through the museum and snap a photo or a selfie with your favorite artwork and share it on social media with #AAMEveryday and #AkronArtMuseum. You’re doing great. Don’t stop moving, and get your 2,000 steps in while you’re cruising through the galleries.

Next week, let’s connect together again and live a creative life every day. #AAMEveryday 

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