Van Duzer HS

Clarence E. Van Duzer, Apartment #10 Looking West, 1949. Reproduction installed at Akron Family Restaurant, 250 W. Market St., Akron, OH 44303. 

Ora Coltman HS

Ora Coltman, Provincetown, c. 1920s. Reproduction installed at Hereford Park, 940 Hereford Dr., Akron, OH 44303. 

Alma Thomas HS

Alma W. Thomas, Pond - Spring Awakening, 1972. Reproduction installed at Balch Street Fitness Center, 220 S. Balch St., Akron OH 44302. 

Dwight W. Tryon HS

Dwight W. Tryon, The New Moon, 1921. Reproduction installed at Chin's Place (garden), 474 W. Market St., Akron, OH 44303. 

West Hill & Highland Square

July 31, 2015

Inside|Out is a community activated arts project that brings reproductions of iconic artworks from the Akron Art Museum's collection into your neighborhood.

Inside|Out Akron installed ten artworks in outdoor spaces in West Hill and Highland Square in August 2015. The art  will be on view in the outdoor spaces through mid-October, 2015. Check out the slideshow above for images and captions describing the artwork and events in West Hill and Highland Square during the installation period.

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Our community partner in West Hill & Highland Square is:

The Highland Square Neighborhood Association

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Inside|Out is funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.