Relief Podcast: Capture

This monthly podcast brings listeners joy and comfort to your day.

The Akron Art Museum’s staff shares insights from their own lives combined with conversations about the collection and interviews with regional artists and musicians.

Join us the first Friday of every month at noon.



Seema and Gina talk about the photography as an artist’s tool, choosing subjects for photographs, and what it means to be a photographer.

Deep Dive with Sloane

Sloan explores Daido Moriyama’s photograph Inu No Kioko Shusho (Memory of Dog Epilogue) and talks about what it means to capture fleeting moments.

Daido Moriyama Inu No Kioko Shusho (Memory of Dog Epilogue) Gelatin silver print 20th Century Japanese Photography
Daido Moriyama. Inu No Kioko Shusho (Memory of Dog Epilogue), 2001 (printed 2009). Gelatin silver print. Collection of the Akron Art Museum. Knight Purchase Fund for Photographic Media 2009.107

Shop Talk with Lori Kella

Lori Kella is a fine art photographer and educator living on the shore of Lake Erie in Cleveland, OH. Lori’s work focuses on the complexity of 21st century landscapes, such as erosion and global warming. In her home studio, she crafts miniature scenes mimicking places she has been or imagined, photographs them, and ultimately captures realistic-looking scenes that trick the eye. Lori’s work has been featured many times at the Akron Art Museum; most recently, in the exhibition Continuum: Historical References in Contemporary Art.

Instagram: @lorikella


Relief Podcast Music

Jordan King is a multi-instrumentalist based in Cleveland, Ohio. His various recording projects have been featured in Cleveland Scene, The Devil Strip, and on Akron Recording Company’s compilation, Where the Hell is Akron, OH? Vol. 2.