• The Art of Winter

    Many artists have drawn inspiration from the snowy outdoors. Here are some artworks from our collection. 

  • 2015: Looking Back – Looking Ahead

    2015 was an exciting year for the Akron Art Museum. As always, there were too many inspiring art experiences to list in one photo-essay. This gallery presents a sampling of what we achieved together with our dedicated museum staff, Board of Directors, museum members, visiting artists, scholars, community partners, students, teachers, museum visitors of all ages, and everyone who connected with us in 2015 to explore ways of Living Creatively.

  • PULP

    The photographs in PULP span several decades, styles and approaches to the medium, but they share a connection to the humble and ubiquitous piece of paper. When recycled, scrap paper is milled into a pulp and then pressed into fresh, blank sheets. PULP highlights another type of recycling, in which artists create new images from discarded or insignificant fragments of modern life.

  • Animal As Muse

    Artists from Picasso to Warhol were inspired by their beloved pets. Animals, with or without human counterparts, intrigue us and engage us emotionally, providing so much for artists to explore and reflect upon. 

  • Throwback Thursday: Friendship Bracelets

    Inspired by the portraits of best friends on view in Andrea Modica: Extended Moments, we celebrated Throwback Thursday by creating friendship bracelets. Throwback Thursdays are held monthly and are fun evenings for adults to de-stress, enjoy a cocktail or glass of Prosecco and indulge some of our favorite kid crafts inspired by art museum exhibitions. 

  • OSC Pop-up TechLab 2016

    Akron's OSC Tech Lab held a pop-up Tech Lab on Tuesday, February 9 at the Akron Art Museum. Tech Lab is a platform for creators, providing a coworking space and services necessary for Akron's freelancers and startups to flourish. The pop-up Tech Lab at the art museum is the first of a series planned for venues throughout the city. Read a re-cap of the event at Unbox Akron.

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