• School Tour: Akron Public Schools Visit NEO Geo

    These photographs were taken during a tour for an Akron Public Schools elementary group (3rd grade) from Findley CLC. The students participate in an art and math integration program at their school, during which they learn about art and math concepts simultaneously. On their visit to the Akron Art Museum, they saw NEO Geo and loved it. Associate Educator Gina Thomas McGee had them tracing lines and shapes (and the students helpfully reminded her what a rhombus is) with straws in the Natalie Lanese installation, Depthless Without You. The students also created mini compositions using colored acetate that were inspired by Paul O’Keeffe's acrylic sculptures.

  • Seen at the Museum Feb/Mar 2016

    A collection of recent photographs of visitors to the Akron Art Museum. From school tours to TeachTalk 2016, to visitors photos in the galleries, we love seeing the ways people are engaging the art museum every day.

  • March Madness

    You don't have to follow college basketball to enjoy a little March Madness. Here is a set of artworks in the Akron Art Museum collection that were either created in the month of March, or refer to it in their titles. No brackets or team gear or competitiveness required!

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