• Auction 2016: Thank You

    Our Thanks and Appreciation Go To Our Auction 21 Sponsors! Including Presenting Sponsor: Cleveland Clinic - Akron General, Platinum Sponsor: The Lehner Family Foundation, and our Gold Sponsors: Cohen & Company, Mrs. Myrna Berzon, Dianne and Herbert Newman, and Stephen E. Myers!

    We also wish to thank the 2016 Auction Committee for their generosity, time and hard work, as well as the Akron Art Museum Board of Directors and Honorary Directors. And our deepest thanks goes to everyone who joined us for Auction 21 to benefit the Akron Art Museum. Thank you for helping us to maintain the Akron Art Museum as a vital, essential component of our community, and for making it a night to remember!

  • Myopia Installation

    The Akron Art Museum is partnering with MOCA Cleveland to jointly present Mothersbaugh’s work in simultaneous exhibitions across Northeast Ohio. Myopia at the Akron Art Museum turns its attention on Mothersbaugh’s visual art practice, including installations of recent sculpture, prints, rugs, and a collection of 30,000 postcard-sized drawings the artist has created and utilized for inspiration and exploration throughout his career. Myopia in Cleveland focuses on experimentation, performance, and sound. Works on view present the Mothersbaugh’s early sketchbooks and ephemera, documentation of DEVO’s first performances, the band’s commercial and conceptual development, and Mothersbaugh’s ongoing experimentation with manipulated musical instruments. By visiting the exhibition in both venues, audiences will get a wide-ranging perspective of Mothersbaugh’s prolific output of artwork, music, ideas, restless invention, and distinctive sense of humor.

  • In the Nest

    The giant nest in Animal As Muse is stopping visitors in their tracks, raising eyebrows of delight and sparking thoughtful conversations. From tot-sized birdies to friends with more mature feathers, everyone is tweeting about animals and art. Since the show opened on March 24th, the nest has become a sort of neighborhood hangout, an incubator for generating ideas and a perspective changer. We have overheard conversations from wee ones just learning to babble to high schoolers and grandparents entertaining their grandchildren. Most visitors find their way to the nest with a pointed finger and a question. What is that? Who made the nest? Is the nest a piece of art? Why is there a nest in the museum? Can we play in it? One thing is certain. The nest generates talk about an object’s potential, which generates ideas, which leads to thinking about things creatively.

  • Intersections: Artists Master Line and Space

    Intersections: Artists Master Line and Space showcases recent work by six sculptors for whom working on paper is also an essential part of their practice. Each of the artists’ works in two and three dimensions relate in different ways, although all are distinguished by their mastery of both line and form.  

  • Remembering Tony Feher

    Remembering artist Tony Feher today, who died on Friday, June 24, 2016. "His subtle, straightforward work, made with the most throwaway of things—plastic water bottles, berry cartons, jelly jars, or blue painter’s tape—upended Minimalist sobriety and Conceptualist cool with an intelligence that wholly embraced humor and charm."—from Artforum.

    Feher's exhibition at the Akron Art Museum in 2014 included the suspension of three 54 in. buoys from the building's cantilevers, taking on an element of the marvelous. Removed from their typical use—floating on the surface of blue water—and dangled instead into the blue depths of the Akron summer sky, they seemed to mark a dream-like boundary. If you crossed that boundary and entered into the museum, you might come into contact with life-changing ideas. You might not look at architecture or the museum, or even Akron the same way again. Even though the buoys are gone, the ideas and ingenuity brought to us by Tony Feher continue to flow out of the museum in waves, and for that and much more, we thank him!  

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