School tours are FREE for students and chaperones when scheduled by a teacher, instructor or school official at least three weeks in advance. In addition, the museum receives special funding to help K-12 classroom teachers bring their students to the museum for educational field trips. For classes unable to visit the museum due to prohibitive transportation costs, the museum will reimburse school districts up to $200 per field trip. The museum is also able to reimburse school districts for the cost of hiring substitute teachers for classroom teachers who do not teach in self-contained classrooms (i.e., elementary art teachers and secondary teachers). Field trips to the museum, including travel time to and from the museum, typically take up less than half of the school day. The museum will reimburse districts for substitute teacher pay rates up to $65 per field trip.  

For more details, please contact the education department: 330.376.9186 x247 or via email.

Schedule a Tour

Associate Educator
Gina Thomas McGee
330.376.9186 x247

Available Tour Times

  • Tuesdays through Sundays
  • Start times from 9:30 am - 3:30 pm (or Thursday evening)
  • Tours last 45-60 minutes

Group Requirements

  • Minimum 10 students and 1 adult
  • Maximum 60 people
  • Must bring 1 adult chaperone per 15 students

Student Tour Costs

  • Free for students Pre-K through 12
  • Free for a limited number of adult chaperones
  • The museum can cover some trip expenses for schools facing funding challenges