Staff Directory


Name Job Title Phone Email
Mark Masuoka John S. Knight Director and CEO 330.376.9186 x250
Jennifer Shipman Chief of Staff & Director of Special Projects 330.376.9186 x210
Julie Polsinelli Administrative Assistant 330.376.9186 x250


Name Job Title Phone Email
Sherry R. Streb Chief Financial Officer 330.376.9186 x226
Dawn Sawyer Administrative Coordinator/HR Team Leader 330.376.9186 x235
Kathy Musser Bookkeeper 330.376.9186 x216
John Kane Operations Manager 330.376.9186 x232
Glenn Jambor Security Team Leader 330.376.9186 x333


Name Job Title Phone Email
Ellen Rudolph Chief Curator 330.376.9186 x219
Elizabeth Carney Assistant Curator 330.376.9186 x241
Theresa Bembnister Associate Curator 330.376.9186 x217
Chrissy Marquardt Collections Manager 330.376.9186 x228


Name Job Title Phone Email
Alison Caplan Director of Education 330.376.9186 x230
Gina Thomas McGee Associate Educator 330.376.9186 x247
Amanda Crowe Educator for Early Childhood, Family & Youth Engagement 330.376.9186 x231
Jessica Fijalkovich Art Library Program Coordinator 330.376.9186 x249


Name Job Title Phone Email
Bryan de Boer Director of Advancement 330.376.9186 x215
Jeneé Garlando Senior Development Officer 330.376.9186 x222
Sarah Venorsky Development Officer, Grants 330.376.9186 x227
Gabe Schray Development Coordinator 330.376.9186 x225
Laura Firestone Shop & Visitor Services Manager 330.376.9186 x280
Colleen Iacianci Senior Event Manager 330.376.9186 x214
Bethany Wells Event and Café Supervisor 330.376.9186 x212

Design, Marketing, Communications

Name Job Title Phone Email
Joseph Walton Director of Design 330.376.9186 x224
Chris Ross Preparator 330.376.9186 x239
Dominic Caruso Marketing Manager 330.376.9186 x229

Appraisals & Research

  • Is it an original?
  • Can the artist be identified?
  • What condition is it in?
  • How was it acquired?

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