Trenton Doyle Hancock

(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1974 - )

North America, American

Raised in Paris, Texas, Hancock earned a BFA from Texas A&M University and an MFA from the Tyler School of Fine Art at Temple University in Philadelphia. For over a decade, Hancock has developed a dramatic narrative featuring a cast of characters who populate a wildly fantastic, invented landscape. Through paintings, drawings, collages, and sculptures, Hancock’s fiction has grown into an epic saga chronicling two invented races of creatures. The artist recounts the history of these figures through imagery that reaches mythological proportions. His work bears evidence of influences ranging from bible stories, comics, graphic novels, cartoons, 1970s and 1980s music and a variety of film and painting traditions.

Hancock has exhibited his work nationally and internationally, participating in two Whitney Biennials as well as at the Lyon and Istanbul Biennials. He has had solo exhibitions at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, TX. His work is included in such museum collections as that of the Museum of Modern Art, NY; Brooklyn Museum, NY, and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, TX.

Houston, Texas


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