Spencer Tunick

(Middletown, New York, 1967 - )

North America, American

Spencer Tunick has traveled the globe to create still and video images of multiple nude figures in public settings. Organizing groups from a handful to tens of thousands of volunteer participants is often logistically daunting. The subsequent images transcend ordinary categories and meld sculpture and performance in a new genre.

Spencer Tunick's body of work explores and expands the social, political and legal issues surrounding art in the public sphere. Since 1992, Tunick has been arrested five times while attempting to work outdoors in New York City. After a long legal battle, the artist took his work abroad in order to make his work without the threat of arrest.

Tunick's most notable works have been commissioned by Art Basel, Switzerland (1999), Institut Cultura, Barcelona (2003), XXV Biennial de Sao Paulo, Brazil (2002), The Saatchi Gallery (2003), MOCA Cleveland (2004), Vienna Kunsthalle (2008), among others.


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