Mark Mothersbaugh

(Akron, Ohio, 1950 - )

North America, American

Musician and composer Mark Mothersbaugh may be best known as the co-founder of the new wave band DEVO, but he has enjoyed an accomplished career as a visual artist as well. Mothersbaugh majored in printmaking at Kent State University. It was there that he met DEVO co-founder Gerald Casale, a fellow art student. After the university’s campus was shut down following the May 4, 1970 shooting, Casale and Mothersbaugh focused their attention on music-making since they were unable to access their art studios. Shortly after leaving Kent, Mothersbaugh began a project he refers to as the Postcard Diaries, daily drawings or collages created on 3.5-by-5-inch paper. This practice continues, with the artist adding from one to 25 new cards each day. Mothersbaugh began his Beautiful Mutant series in the 1990s, in which the artist uses Photoshop to create symmetrical images of antique photographs he finds online and in second-hand stores. Between 2002 and 2010, Mothersbaugh exhibited his Postcard Diaries and Beautiful Mutant series at more than 75 small, artist-run galleries across the United States. In 2014, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver organized a career retrospective, Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia, which was exhibited jointly at the Akron Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland in the summer of 2016.

Los Angeles, California


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