Alexander H. Wyant

(Evans Creek, Ohio, 1836 - 1892, New York, United States)

North America, American

Wyant worked as a sign painter and amateur artist in southern Ohio and Kentucky in the late 1850s. After a trip to New York in 1863, he learned to paint landscapes in the style of the Hudson River School, using minute detail and rich color to depict scenes. Wyant and other landscapists of the time sketched outdoors but created finished paintings in their studios. Many of their works are not exact records of specific locales but idealized scenes based on sketches and memory.

After meeting more progressive artists who employed an impressionistic painting technique, Wyant adopted a softer focus and chose subdued colors for his works.

Perhaps due to his failing health, Wyant’s late works are smaller and less grand in scope, yet they are more vigorously painted.

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