Paul B. Travis

(Wellsville, Ohio, 1891 - 1975, Cleveland, Ohio)

North America, American

Biographical Highlights of Paul Travis:

1913-1917: Travis graduates from the Cleveland School of Art, where he studied with and became close friends with Charles Burchfield. He was one of the original members of the Kokoon Club, the bohemian artists' group founded in Cleveland in 1913
1920-1957: Travis instructs painting and drawing at the Cleveland School of Art, and intermittently teaches at Western Reserve University in Cleveland, and University of Bonn, W. Germany
1927-1928: Travis takes a sabbatical to Africa and gains vast inspiration from the animals in the wild, incorporting them into his compositions
1929: Travis joins the George Crile African Expedition for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History
1931-1946: Travis exhibits at major galleries aroung the U.S. including the Museum of Modern Art, the Carnegie Institute, the Corcoran Gallery, the Butler Institute of Art, and the Cleveland Museum of Art
Travis exhibited in nearly every "May Show" at the Cleveland Museum of Art since these Spring shows began in 1919. He also performed painting demonstrations at many of the events at which he was asked to speak.

Travis was a prominent member of the "Cleveland School" of artists. Members of this loosely organized group, who were most active in the 1920s and 1930s, incorporated elements of Cubism and other aspects of European modernism into their figurative art works.

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