Roy E. Wilhelm

(Mt. Vernon, Ohio, 1895 - 1954)

North America, American

Roy Wilhelm studied and trained with Henry Keller, a sophisticated color theorist who inspired the younger painter’s interest in hue and light. Wilhelm adapted to the artistic and economic circumstances of the times, apprenticing to an Akron engraving firm at the age of 15 and working as a designer for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company before establishing his own commercial art studio. He was routinely awarded the popularity prize at Akron Art Institute and the Akron Society of Artists exhibitions. Wilhelm travelled frequently, teaching in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and visiting Taos, New Mexico, where the endless horizons influenced his artistic sense. Wilhelm’s reputation largely rested on his ability to capture atmospheric scenes of Akron’s landmarks, as well as for the marine paintings that he executed in Gloucester, where he established a studio in 1945.


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