Fritz Koenig

(Würzburg, Germany, 1924 - )


Born in Würzburg, his family moved to the Bavarian community of Landshut when he was six. In the years after World War II he studied art at the Kunstakademie München (Munich School of Art), graduating in 1952. Nine years later he moved to Ganslberg, a farming community outside Landshut where he lives and works on a horse farm. Since 1964 he has been a professor of art at the Technische Hochschule München. Koenig is best known outside his native country for his sculpture "The Sphere," which once stood in the plaza between the two World Trade Center towers in Lower Manhattan but which now stands, its damage deliberately left unrepaired, in Battery Park as a memorial to the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

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