Robert Morris

(Kansas City, Missouri, 1931 - )


Along with Donald Judd, Robert Morris is one of the greatest American contributors to Minimalism, and continues to produce new sculpture and other works today. Morris was originally influenced by Jackson Pollock and the Abstract Expressionists of the 1950s before being introduced to minimalist theory a decade later. His works exhibit a strong focus on geometry and special relationships, and many of his pieces at this time were directly related to earlier works by Marcel Duchamp. Like Duchamp, Morris’ later became interested in laws of chance and randomness, and in addition to his contributions to Minimalism, he began to explore other movements. He is particularly interested in performance art, drawing controversy to himself by posing in sadomasochistic attire during one exhibition in the 1970s. He has also contributed to the development of land art and installation art, and the idea of experiencing (rather than viewing) a specific work.

Lives New York and Gardiner, New York

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