W. D. "Crazy Mac" McCaffrey

(Akron, Ohio, 1923 - 1993, Akron, Ohio)

North America, American

Wayne D. McCaffrey was known by most people in Akron as “Crazy Mac, “Mad Mac” or a variety of other self-imposed nicknames. A man of sharp wit and strong opinion, he enjoyed his eccentric reputation as a gadfly and artist. McCaffrey worked as a house painter and truck driver before his retirement in 1981. Although he built things all his life, including a soapbox derby racer and a house in the woods, only in 1970 did McCaffrey begin making art. His earliest creations were vases and models of antique automobiles and airplanes constructed out of wire. Soon, he began to incorporate political opinions, social views and religious commentary into this work. McCaffrey used humor to express his opinions as well as to present his interpretations of the tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous, which he believed could help everyone.

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