Hollis Sigler

(Gary, Indiana, 1948 - 2001, Prairie View, Illinois)

North America, American

Hollis Sigler, a Chicago-based artist, was known for drawings and paintings made in an intentionally-childlike, faux-naïve style which were heavily autobiographical. Her later works typically focused on her long battle with cancer.
Sigler was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1985, an event that shaped the course of her artistic work for the remainder of her life. The disease was hereditary, and Sigler understood that she would likely succumb to it eventually, as had her great-grandmother and mother. In 1992, she began a series of paintings titled Breast Cancer Journal: Walking with the Ghosts of My Grandmothers. A book of these works was published in 1999 by Hudson Hills Press.
Sigler attended the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia and the School of the Art Insitute of chicago and recieved an honorary doctorate from Moore College in 1994. She taught at Columbia College in Chicago for more that 20 years.

Illinois, United States

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