J. Pascal Sébah

( - )


active: 1860-1890 Cairo (Al-Qahirah governorate, Urban, Egypt); also active: 1860-1908 Istanbul (Istanbul province, Marmara Region, Turkey)

Sebah's date of birth, place of birth and place of death are unknown. He was a commercial photographer who opened a studio in Constantinople in 1868 and later in Cairo, Egypt, and specialized in photos for tourists. Of Turkish descent, Sebah was a contemporary of the European photographers who came to the Near East to photograph. Eventually Sebah entered into a partnership with Joaillier. Sebah photographed Egypt extensively and also was associated with the Societe francaise de photographie. Sébah’s scenes of the "everyday life" of rural peasants (fellahines) and the urban middle class were staged to reflect what he felt would fit Western notions of the Orient.

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