Laure Albin Guillot

(Paris, 1879 - 1962, Nogent-sur-Marne, France)

Europe, French

Albin-Guillot and her husband, between 1901 and 1931, produced a large body of research in the field of microphotography. In 1922, Albin-Guillot was engaged in research on the use of silvered paper in photography. In 1925 she became one of the leaders of the "Ecole de Paris" movement. It was this group of artists that founded "real photographic esthetics" and they were proponents of the return of "pure photography". In the 1930s, Albin-Guillot wrote articles on her research on microphotography and was appointed head of Archives Services, photography, Beaux Arts, Paris in 1932. Albin-Guillot also produced photographs for use in advertising.

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