Kathryn Abbe

(Brooklyn, New York, 1919 - 2014, Brookville, New York)


Kathryn Abbe studied at Pratt Institute and the New School for Social Research, before winning Vogue magazine's "Prix de Paris" contest in 1941, and becoming an assistant to Vogue fashion photographer Toni Frissell. Since 1944, she has photographed for such magazines as Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens and Parents. Known for photographs of children (including the Kienast quintuplets) actors, actresses and musicians, she also rescued and printed negatives of early Hollywood stars taken by her father-in-law, James Abbe. Abbe spent three years working with Frances McLaughlin-Gill (her twin sister, also in the musum's collection) on a book on twins published in 1980. Both artists were included in the museum's exhibition, "A History of Women Photographers."

Lives Brookville, New York

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