Julian Stanczak

(Borownica, Poland, 1928 - 2017, Seven Hills, Ohio)

Dual Glare


Acrylic on canvas

96 1/8 x 48 in. (244.1 x 121.9 cm)

Collection of the Akron Art Museum

Museum Acquisition Fund


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Julian Stanczak was a pioneer in perceptual abstraction or Op art, a prominent style of the 1960s in which complex geometric patterns create illusory effects. The artist drew upon his understanding of how color is perceived to create dynamic abstract compositions. In Dual Glare, three saturated colors of equal intensity but different wavelengths—cadmium red, green and blue—preclude the eye from focusing on a single color. As a result, colors combine and appear to emit light. These effects are heightened by the symmetrical composition, groups of crisp vertical lines that become thinner as they move toward the center, and the artist’s flat application of paint.


Signed in pencil on verso: "J Stanczak 1970"

Abstract art
Op Art