Alvin Loving

(Detroit, Michigan, 1935 - 2005, New York, NY)


Acrylic on canvas

62 1/2 in. x 78 in. (158.75 cm x 198.12 cm)

Gift of the William Zierler Gallery


More Information

Best known for his sewn and woven dyed fabric constructions, Alvin Loving first gained recognition for hard-edged canvases painted in an array of colors. Loving was raised in Detroit and made a commitment to art-making as a career while accompanying his father, an artist and educator, on a trip to India. He moved to New York City soon after receiving his MFA from the University of Michigan and was accorded a one-person exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the first for an African-American artist, the following year. 'Untitled' was one of Loving’s last works reflecting his fascination with the cube and illusionistic color effects. Soon after he made this multi-panel composition and seeking to create more personal work, Loving began tearing up and stitching his canvases.

Abstract art
African American