Dara Birnbaum

(New York, New York, 1946 - )

Selected Works


Videotape, 3/4" color and sound

Collection of the Akron Art Museum

Purchased with funds from the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation

1987.21 a-e

More Information

2020 Objects to be Destroyed, Theresa Bembnister Dara Birnbaum manipulates found video footage from the 1970s TV series Wonder Woman, pairing it with the song Wonder Woman in Discoland (1978). She remixes clips from the show in a repetitive fashion, distilling and condensing its narrative: running, spinning, saving a man. The double entendres in the lyrics of the disco song highlight the sexual objectification at work in the show’s presentation of a popular superhero commonly associated with female empowerment.

Media Art