The Sea

Maurizio Pellegrin

(Venice, Italy, 1956 - )


Fabric, wood and found objects

12 in. x 56 in. x 71 in. (30.48 cm x 142.24 cm x 180.34 cm)

Gift of Enrico Martignoni

2003.30 a-l

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Red, Pellegrin says, is the color of energy, passion and movement. The red velvet of The Sea hides a stretched canvas which rests on leather-working hammers (Venice is famous for its leather goods). On top of the velvet are a bocce ball, a tin container wrapped in fabric, a pile of tiny books tied together and an old tool for fishing with thread and hook. In my work, says Pellegrin, “everything has its material and spiritual contents. The objects I use have inert energy…as well as the memory of man.” He removes them from their function, wraps them and arranges them. In so doing, he transforms them into an evocation of Venice’s passion for its history, handcraft and the sea that surrounds it.

Conceptual Art
Contemporary Art
Found objects
Mixed media