Bill Komoski

(1954 - )



Acrylic and modeling paste on canvas

84 x 60 x 1 1/8 in. (213.4 x 152.4 x 2.8 cm)

Collection of the Akron Art Museum

Gift of the Broido Family Collection


More Information

Bill Komoski’s untitled work is very much in the spirit of the 1990s, a period with only the briefest representation in the museum’s painting collection. An “exquisite jumble that [Komoski] artfully arranges, pulls apart and otherwise transforms,” this and other of his paintings are visually alluring but impossible to resolve. The shiny, sensual paint surface of this work contrasts with the irony of its illusionistic passages: the canvas is fraught with areas that, when carefully examined, are painted very differently than one might suppose from a distance. Bill Komoski has for over two decades exhibited in major galleries in New York as well as across the U.S. and Europe (including, in Cleveland, SPACES). Whether or not Komoski ever develops a larger public following, this painting will still be a useful and welcome addition to the museum’s collection. It is not only powerful on its own, but also will be a wonderful complement for the museum’s minimalist holdings and its geometric abstractions from the 1970-80s.


signed on back "Bill Komoski 8/19/90"