Jungjin Lee

(Daegu, South Korea, 1961 - )

American Desert III - 9


photoemulsion on Japanese paper

20 x 77 in. (50.8 x 195.6 cm)

Collection of the Akron Art Museum

Gift of Barbara Schwartz in memory of Eugene M. Schwartz


More Information

This triptych (three-part works) are from the Korean artist’s American Desert series, photographed during extensive travels throughout the American West. Juxtaposing expansive landscape views with exquisite details of the human body, Lee blurs the distinction between the two while creating striking abstract forms and patterns. Each work is unique and produced by hand. She brushes a light-sensitive wash onto large sheets of handmade paper and exposes her negatives over them. The brushstrokes and texture of the paper impart a lush, painterly quality to the photographs. Barbara Schwartz, a New Yorker who has had a relationship with the museum for over 25 years, has also donated artworks by Mike and Doug Starn and Diane Arbus.

Figure/Ground relationship