Judy Pfaff

(London, England, 1946 - )

Manzanas y Naranjas (Apples and Oranges)


Woodcut on paper

57 x 69 1/4 in. (144.8 x 176.0 cm)

Collection of the Akron Art Museum

Gift of Kathleen Monaghan and Richard Shebairo in tribute to the staff of the Akron Art Museum


More Information

A pioneering installation artist, Judy Pfaff is best known for room-size environments that combine sculpture, painting and architecture. Since the 1980s, printmaking and drawing have also become central to her work. Pfaff began carving the wood blocks for Manzanas y Naranjas (Apples and Oranges) in her studio in Brooklyn, and completed them at Crown Point Press in San Francisco. One of a series of six large-scale woodcuts with still life subjects, Manzanas y Naranjas attests to Pfaff’s interest in manipulating space in its overlapping planes of color that appear to spill out of the composition. Circular shapes, bold stripes and striking patterns seen in the print became increasingly abstract as the artist worked on its design. The Spanish title celebrates the Hispanic neighborhood children who frequently visited her studio.


Signed in graphite, LL with title, edition and date

United States