Matthew Abbott

(London, England, 1965 - 2019, New York, New York)



Acrylic on canvas

78 x 78 in. (198.1 x 198.1 cm)

Collection of the Akron Art Museum

Gift of Richard Shebairo and Kathleen Monaghan


More Information

Abbott, who studied art in England and at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia, is represented in the collections of Brooklyn Museum of Art; Denver Museum of Art; Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington; Museum of Modern Art, New York; New York Public Library and Whitney Museum of American Art. This psychedelic geometric abstraction, influenced by sources as diverse as 1960s rock posters, mandalas and Islamic decorations, belongs to a series of puzzle works created by the artist. Each work contains letters that make up a word or written phrase that is a clue. The painting’s title, Facelift, is the answer to that clue. Deciphering the answer does not usually lead to greater wisdom, however, as the clues come from crossword puzzles and seem to have been chosen for their humor and surrealism. Abbott is still a young artist and the success of his career is yet to be determined. The painting, however, is visually and intellectually intriguing enough to merit acquisition and display in the collection galleries, where it will fit well in the room about art in the age of mass media, in the interior landscape rooms or in the geometric abstraction gallery. The work is also sure to engender lively discussion, especially for children’s tours.


signed, titled and dated on back stretcher in marker

Geometric shapes
Abstract art