Matthew Kolodziej

(Charlottesville, Virginia, 1967 - )

Good Neighbors


Acrylic and ink on canvas

102 x 144 in. (259.1 x 365.8 cm)

Collection of the Akron Art Museum

Museum Acquisition Fund


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At a distance, 'Good Neighbors' appears abstract; closer inspection reveals representational elements. The painting originated with photographs Kolodziej took of construction sites. He digitally combined some of these photographs into a photo-collage, which he then translated, or compressed, into a linear drawing using a computer program. Projecting the resulting “map” onto canvas, he traced its lines with markers, all the while adjusting and refining the composition. Kolodziej then squeezed lines and layers of acrylic paint onto the canvas using tubes designed for cake icing instead of brushes. To create pools of color, he placed the canvas flat on the floor and poured on liquid paint. Kolodziej’s use of multiple canvases to comprise one painting echoes his layered process, resulting in a network of line, color and texture that is inherently dynamic.