Daido Moriyama

(Ikeda, Osaka, 1938 - )

Inu No Kioko Shusho (Memory of Dog Epilogue)

2001 (printed 2009)

Gelatin silver print

60 x 40 in. (152.4 x 101.6 cm)

Collection of the Akron Art Museum

Knight Purchase Fund for Photographic Media


More Information

The title for the Memory of Dog series came about after Moriyama became known for a menacing image of a stray dog that he photographed in 1971. Returning to the town of his birth, of which he had no memory, he described, “…the figure I cast during that time, roaming around town and on the back streets, carrying my camera, appeared in others’ eyes very much like a stray dog…. I began to produce the series around the central idea of memory.” Moriyama annotated his images with deeply emotional and poetic essays. He recounts, “There are a number of cocoons of thin light stretching into the distance, the when and where or which of remain indistinct, just as if they were spots of the lamplight of memory, within which the silhouette of the nights I have passed can just be perceived, dimly transparent.”

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