Andrea Modica

(Brooklyn, New York, 1960 - )

Remanzacco, Italy


Platinum palladium print

10 x 8 in. (25.4 x 20.3 cm)

Collection of the Akron Art Museum

Knight Purchase Fund for Photographic Media


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<SPAN xss=removed>A simple silver-toned tray poised on the edge of a table might not immediately evoke the idea of “family.” However, on extended visits to Italy Andrea Modica has occupied herself by creating tender still life compositions that focus on objects she finds “strewn about” her partner’s mother’s home. The items Modica features are not inherently valuable, but rather are precious in their connections to people who are close to her. The exquisite detail and rich tones that distinguish Modica’s photographs are achieved by the artist making platinum palladium contact prints from negatives taken with an 8 x 10 inch view camera. The long exposure time required by this process requires subjects to remain still, inviting viewers to likewise linger over her images.</SPAN>

Still Life