All Fall Text: Selections from Trusims, (1977-79), Living, (1980-82) and Survival, (1983-85)

Jenny Holzer

(Gallipolis, Ohio, 1950 - )


Array of five double-sided LED Signs with stainless steel housings: blue and green diodes on front, red and yellow diodes on back

103 1/2 x 95 x 103 1/2 in. (263 x 241 x 263 cm)

Museum Acquisition Fund


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In the 1970s Jenny Holzer began papering lower Manhattan with posters bearing selections from her Truisms series— slogan-like sayings suggestive of a universal truth, such as THE ABUSE OF POWER COMES AS NO SURPRISE. Known for these conceptual, text-based works that question consumerism and challenge power dynamics, Holzer intends to provoke critical dialog through her use of language. Presented here on a series of scrolling LED arrays, the potent passages read almost as advertisements or tweets, echoing our modern modes of communication.