Board of Directors

Name Job Title Phone Email
Jon Fiume Interim Director & CEO 330.376.9186 x218 jfiume@akronartmuseum.org
Seema Rao Deputy Director & Chief Experience Officer 330.376.9186 x219

Marketing and Communications

Malissa Vernon Marketing and Communications Manager 330.376.9186 mVernon@AkronArtMuseum.org
Jayson Shenk Digital Content Specialist 330.376.9186 x297 jShenk@AkronArtMuseum.org
Lauryn Solomon Social Content Creator and Administrative Assistant 330.376.9186 x250


Bryan de Boer Director of Advancement 330.376.9186 x215 bdeBoer@AkronArtMuseum.org
JeneƩ Garlando Senior Development Officer 330.376.9186 x222 jGarlando@AkronArtMuseum.org
Joe Morales Development Coordinator 330.376.9186 x225 jMorales@AkronArtMuseum.org
Megan Sevastos Development Officer, Grants 330.376.9186 x227 mSevastos@AkronArtMuseum.org
Laura Firestone Shop & Visitor Services Manager 330.376.9186 x280 lFirestone@AkronArtMuseum.org
Katie Casenhiser Development Officer/Events 330.376.9186 x214 kCasenhiser@AkronArtMuseum.org


Mary Steenrod Director of Accounting 330.376.9186 x226 mSteenrod@AkronArtMuseum.org
Jamie A. McLamara Lead Accountant 330.376.9186 x216 jMcLamara@AkronArtMuseum.org
Karestyn Robinson Accounting Coordinator 330.376.9186 kRobinson@AkronArtMuseum.org


Gregg Herchek Senior Operations Officer 330.376.9186 x246 gHerchek@AkronArtMuseum.org
Carl Barton Building Services Supervisor 330.376.9186 cBarton@AkronArtMuseum.org


Jeff Katzin Curatorial Fellow 330.376.9186 x274 jKatzin@AkronArtMuseum.org
Stephanie Petcavage Collections Manager and Exhibition Registrar 330.376.9186 x228 sPetcavage@AkronArtMuseum.org


Joseph Walton Director of Design 330.376.9186 x224 jWalton@AkronArtMuseum.org
Chris Ross Lead Preparator 330.376.9186 x239 cRoss@AkronArtMuseum.org
Zach Repphun Assistant Preparator 330.376.9186 x296 zRepphun@AkronArtMuseum.org


Gina Thomas McGee Curator of Education 330.376.9186 x247 gThomas@AkronArtMuseum.org
Reggie Lynch Curator of Community Engagement 330.376.9186 x230 rLynch@AkronArtMuseum.org
Katelyn Evans Program Coordinator 330.376.9186 x249 kEvans@AkronArtMuseum.org