Digital Content Creation Team


This team produced digital content during the summer of 2020, which served as the core to AAM at Home.

Anthony Angelilli 

Anthony Angelilli is an artist that works with a wide range of raw materials and paint. He was exposed early to different work methodologies while installing tile floors and brick patios. These processes influenced his artistic approach to making, as he experiments using particular strategies to acquire specific textures, colors, and lines. He is also fascinated by the way information is retrieved, and how visual, and verbal language constantly influences human’s indexical mark in correlation with technology, and memory.

Mary Baldwin 

Mary is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescent through Young Adult Art (2002), retired from Barberton City Schools.  She supervises art student teachers for Kent State University, and serves on the Board of Trustees for the Cuyahoga Falls Library.  A member of the Medina Spinning and Weaving Guild, Mary enjoys weaving with cotton and linen.

Katie Barber

Katie Barber is a college student studying art education at The Myers School of Art. She enjoys painting, drawing, and exploring a range of artistic practices in her free time. She grew up in a small country town, however, appreciates the cultural atmosphere provided by the museum and city.

Theresa Bembnister

Theresa Bembnister is a curator who believes in crafting art experiences for museum visitors that are accessible, educational, memorable and fun. She has worked at the Akron Art Museum since 2015.

Alexandria Couch

Alexandria Couch is A Senior at The University of Akron’s Myers School of Art pursuing a bachelors in fine arts for Painting & Drawing, and Printmaking. The majority of her work explores her experiences as a minority, attempting to piece together an identity in adverse political environments which she illustrates using a range of mediums from collage, to oil and water based media.The combination of traditional and found materials helps to emphasize the idea of discovering self through exploration.

Wyatt Daulbaugh

Wyatt is headed into his senior year at the University of Akron, as an Adolescent Young Adult Social Studies Education Major, and History Minor. Having attended art magnet schools from 5th-12th grade, the arts have always been an important part of his life. In addition to his passion for education and the museum, Wyatt enjoys baking and spending time with his family.

Katie DiDomenico

Katie is a second year MA student in Art History and Museum Studies at Case Western Reserve University. Prior to working for the Akron Art Museum, she taught Spanish for 10 years at the College of Wooster and the University of Akron. She loves the thrill of researching art objects and sharing their stories with the public. In her free time, Katie enjoys hiking, biking, and traveling.

Genna Hailey

Genna Hailey is a young visual artist interested in her accessibility studies at Kent State, particularly her Deaf Studies.

 From a young age, Genna has been involved in visual art and attended a school for the visual arts to help hone her skills and encourage her love for art history. “Learning about different cultures’ styles and stories always has me longing for more; my cravings for cultural history are insatiable so it’s especially nice to be in a work environment where I can learn about artists of different backgrounds. For me, this goes hand in hand with my chosen field of study. As American Sign Language is the 3D language – it’s like looking at a piece of art when someone signs!”

 When she isn’t working, you’ll find Genna hiking with her fiancé, spending time with her animals, caring for various flowers and houseplants, or taking photographs of her loved ones.

Deliana Irizarry

Deliana Irizarry is a Specialist in the Ohio army national guard. She currently attends the University of Akron with the dream and goal of becoming an early childhood education teacher. She is a youth leader at a house of praise international church. In her free time she enjoys reading, photography and spending time with friends and family.

Jeff Katzin

Jeff’s goal as a curator is to help as many people as possible feel comfortable with and excited about modern and contemporary art. He is particularly interested in abstraction and, in addition to his work at the Akron Art Museum, is currently writing his doctoral dissertation about abstract photography. He also enjoys making abstract photos of his own.

Charlie Parsons

Charlie Parsons is a multidisciplinary artist and experimental musician. He is currently pursuing a BS in Music Technology at Kent State Stark to further a career in the sound field, but maintains an equal passion for illustration, comics, and visual storytelling. His work generally explores mental health issues and psychology through radical stream-of-consciousness collage of both sounds and images. His comics are kinda goofy. He enjoys bikes, old video games, cooking, and synthesizers.

Tyler Stallsmith

Tyler Stallsmith has spent way too much time watching movies, depending on who you ask. In his spare time he enjoys film, video games, and learning how films and video games are made. He has been attending Stark State for Digital Video and Media technology and is generally just going with the flow.

Maria Uhase

Maria is a 2019 graduate from the Myers School of Art at the University of Akron where she earned a BA in Studio Art with minors in Painting and Drawing. In her work she focuses on creating surreal combinations of animals and plants through oil painting, watercolor, and various drawing media. She loves to share her passions for plants, nature, and her pets with others.

Maryann Wohlwend

Maryann’s career in the NEOhio art scene is multi-faceted: artist, author, illustrator, & art director for an AR med-tech start-up… homeschool K-12 art educator & entrepreneur empowering battered women… CMA security guard & Cleveland Clinic volunteer for Alzheimer’s Art tours … handbag designer… Michael Loderstedt apprentice, William Busta gallery intern & house/cat sitter, regional fine art collector. ART + PEOPLE