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Creativity Care Kits

Creativity Care Kits will be available Saturdays during August and September while supplies last and will be given to those who request them from Visitor Services. Each package includes a variety of media, including paper, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, and sequins.

On the second Saturday of every month through Spring 2021, the Museum will offer virtual Family Days, sharing projects that use materials from the kits as well as many more on the website and on the YouTube page.

Share the projects you make by tagging @akronartmuseum on social media.

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Collections Inspire Creativity

Engage with Art. Be surprised and delighted. Hone your observational skills. Be Inspired.

Play with Artmaking

Learn new skills. Find new ways to communicate. Enjoy Making Art.

Easy Studios

Virtual Family Day: Mark-Making

Everyone wants to make their mark on life. Learning to express yourself on paper is one way to do just that. Explore many ways to draw, paint, and make your own mark. Along with the many mark-making exercises this month, this PDF offers more drawing exercises. Drawing without a Pencil When you think of drawing, you might assume you need a pencil. There are many types of drawings that don’t need a writing utensil at all. You can rip the paper with your hand. This

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Virtual Family Days: Bookmaking Bonanza

Try your hand at making simple books and book-related objects. This month we have bookmaking tutorials plus some options for turning out artful bookmarks. Get Art: Why make your own sketchbook? Before we get to making, we might tackle the big question of the month. Project 1: Make an Accordion Book What do you need? Paper Try this? Fold your paper in even sections. That’s it. This is a simple book to make. Collection Connection: Muybridge was a photographer who explore motion by creating a

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Make Your Own Movie

Create your own no-tech moving picture show using supplies you have around the house (or recently thrown into the recycle bin).

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Advanced Studios

Drawing Day

If you’ve ever written your name on a piece of paper, you’re prepared to learn to draw.

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Try This: Drawing Still Life

Drawing can be as easy and complicated as you choose it to be. Still Life is a good way to hone your skills. Set up something you can draw many times in different styles. Keep working until you’re happy with the results.

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Try This: Encaustic

All painting is pigment plus a binder. Many paints, like watercolor and acrylic, are liquid at room temperature. Encaustic is a pigment mixed with wax. The paint needs to be heated to be viscous enough to apply to a paint surface. The media is challenging, requiring a fast hand. The rich surface, however, makes this media satisfying.

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