Additional Artist Information: Travis Hetman

*This information is supplemental to the post*

Name: Travis Hetman
Age: 27
Currently working out of Denver by way of Minneapolis MN.
Studied art and art history at the University of Minnesota.

“My work is more or less a visual continuation of existential curiosity.  The treat of visual art to me is the privilege of making wild associations and the general lawlessness that comes with creative thinking.  I love art for it’s own aesthetic beauty but a main goal of my art is to unlock new ideas and ways of thinking, to learn something from painting and drawing that I otherwise wouldn’t–sort of the way dreams work.  Space is a common theme in my work and I use it as a visual motif because it represents possibly everything (the infinite) yet reads as a finite object on the visual plane. I enjoy visual contradictions like this in that they get one thinking about perception and how faulty it can be.  All philosophy and heavy thinking aside, there is always room for humor in the absurd and if this is found in my work, all the better.”

Favorite artist: Philippe Petit, a French high wire walker who writes poetry in the sky.
I find inspiration in existential literature, physics, the absurd, and always Tom Waits.
A few favorite visual artists include: Neo Rauch, David Schnell, Barry McGee