Art Adventures Mad Libs

You can play AAM mad libs with your friends or by yourself. Here’s how to play: Creatively fill in the list on the next page with whatever words you like, then transfer your list to the blanks in the story. Finally, read the story from start to finish and enjoy your silly creation! Be sure not to peek at the story until you’ve chosen all of the words to complete it.

Helpful Reminders!

Adjective: Describes things or people
Examples: crazy, short, annoying, messy, fluffy, brave

Noun: Person, place, or thing
Examples: cell phone, spider, home, father

Action Verb: An action
Examples: run, kick, hunt, jump, swim

Verb Ending in “ing”: An action in the present
Examples: running, kicking, hunting, jumping, swimming

Past Tense Action Verb: An action that happened in the past
Examples: ran, kicked, hunted, jumped, swam

Exclamation/Interjection: Expresses a strong emotion
Examples: Oww!, Wow!, Yay!, Yikes!