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Cooking with the Collection: William Merritt Chase

This regular series uses the Akron Art Museum’s collection as a source of inspiration for home-cooked meals. When I was invited to cook up a post for our Cooking with the Collection series, the first thing that came to my mind was cod — both the painting by William Merritt Chase that hangs in the museum’s McDowell Galleries and the tasty, flaky fish that I often enjoy eating at home. Turning to the painting first, I’m particularly glad to rope it in here because I’ve

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#TryThis Projects for Home

Let’s help you keep that desk free of coffee rings. Coasters are an easy, useful project for any part of the home.

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A Conversation with Horrible Adorables Artists Jordan Elise Perme and Christopher Lees

Jordan Elise Perme and Christopher Lees create mounted animal sculptures they call Horrible Adorables and design patterns for fabric and wallpaper as well as plastic toys for Kid Robot. Can you talk about your Horrible Adorable characters? Horrible Adorables are strange creatures from a fantastical land. They are hybrids of selected animals, and have qualities that are both sinister and sweet (horrible and adorable, if you will). We bring the imaginary critters to life by hand carving foam forms, covering them with wool felt scales,

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Immerse Yourself in Beauty Reigns

by Gina Thomas McGee, Associate EducatorHow do you experience an art exhibition? You look, of course. You enter the galleries and spend time taking in the colors, textures, and lines of the works in front of you. Maybe you even read the label. During the Beauty Reigns exhibition, the museum invites you to take your experience a step further, and we’ve come up with some tools to help you do just that. First, you can pick up a copy of the gallery guide as you

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2014 Highlights

By Mark Masuoka, Executive Director and CEO2014 has been a year in which we sought to connect the energy that drives great art to that which drives our great city: the energy of ideas. In every exhibition, program, event, and conversation, we strove to stimulate ideas and encouraged everyone to look at what they already do in a new light, and to recognize the ways in which we all Live Creative. What follows is a brief recounting of what we did to Live Creative, to reach out to

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Farewell Buoy

By Mark Masuoka, Executive Director and CEO In many ways, the de-installation of Tony Feher’s Buoy is a sign of things to come, not what has been accomplished.  Over the past four months, the Akron Art Museum has offered the public the opportunity to re-envision the architecture of the art museum and to re-contextualize our urban surroundings.  Tony Feher’s Buoy had become part of the public conscientiousness and spurred conversation about contemporary art, even for those who did not identify it as art, but an unexpected anomaly hanging from the art

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