Category: GameFest Game Developers 2020


by Mars Ashton Gunsheath is a blend of hack-and-slash and shoot-em-up genres set in a skyfaring world of floating islands. Take on the role of Dyne, a skybound cowboy mech as they defend the land from invading forces. Complete a variety of objectives in each level for bonus points, cosmetic rewards, and upgrades.

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by Important Little Games Codemancer brings the mystery of magic and the exhilaration of learning to code together in a fantasy universe that uses spell-casting as a way to learn programming skills. Codemancer is a non-violent, entertaining, and educational game designed to be inclusive and accessible to learners at any stage.

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The Astro Parcel Service

by Vixen’s Ludlum As one of The Astro Parcel Service’s newly recruited contract laborers, you are required to deliver packages by any means necessary, even when facing potentially deadly obstacles. Use the standardized space propulsion device to meet our clients’ demands and don’t fail or face extermi–we mean, termination from your current position.

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Operation UNDEAD

by Maxwell Kunze, Stephen DiGiacomo, Nick Darrah, and Bernard Russ Operation UNDEAD is an On-rails shooter inspired by the lightgun games of the NES era, as well as the pseudo-3D techniques of Nasser Gebelli. It’s a ton of fun!

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Woebegone Woods

by Woebegone Woods Interactive Enter Woebegone Woods, a small village in the middle of a remote forest. Play as Bean, who’s leading the winter festival preparations by assigning tasks to woodland friends while balancing their happiness and skills. Kindle Bean’s friendships and other character’s friendships to put on the best festival possible!

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Game image from Woebegone Woods by Jocelyn Eads

Gamer Girl

by Emily Horton, Emily Turner, Jules Apicella, Pay Hosman, and Sam Finston A stalker-filled twist on the dating simulator genre that pits its female protagonist against an entirely male programming class. Spend your semester fighting against sexism like your academic career depends on it (and it kinda does).

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Screen from Gamer Girl


by Eliot Aretskin-Hariton and Justin Gray Berrymandering is a strategy board game for players 8 to 88 and plays in 15 minutes. During the game players will cut and eat cake in order to earn candles. The player with the most candles becomes the new ruler of Cakeland. Family friendly, easy to learn, hard to master.

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by Eliot Aretskin-Hariton Obelisk is a cooperative strategy game for ages 12+ with a playtime of 30 minutes. Players must work together to create a maze coral escaping monsters and capture them before they escape. If even one gets out, they’ll eat the queen’s roses!

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