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Try This: Abstract Sculptures

Challenge yourself to turn regular household materials into a sculpture. Make something you find beautiful. What do you need? Pick just one media, like a plastic folder. Try this? Use your imagination to manipulate it to create a 3-D form. Or, put together only two forms, like paper straws and pipe cleaners. As you work, think about how your sculpture looks from all angles. Pick up your sculpture so you look at the forms from a different angle.

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Try This: Animal Collages

Animals are a perennial source of inspiration. While drawing is one way to depict creatures, collage or sculpture can expand your creativity. What do you need? Scissors, glue, paper, and/or cardboard. Try this? Cut shapes from paper and/or cardboard. Challenge yourself to create an abstracted figure from these pieces. Glue your shapes onto a background. You can add a few details with a marker at the end.

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Try This: Alternative Books

Bookmaking can be easy. Handmade books are perfect for pocket sketchbooks. Try This? This book is one of the easiest books to make. You need paper, scissors, and yarn. You can use a ruler to make you work neat and even. As with most books, you trim the pages to size, prepare for binding, and then bind the pages together. You can add panache to your books by using interesting colors for the yarn binding, for the cover, and for the paper.

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Try This: Bathtub Snow Graffiti

By Amanda Crowe, Assistant Educator Follow-up to “Winter Wonderland” Playdate, Thursday, February 6, 2014 When ice storms block your children from going outside, you can still give them the opportunity to be spontaneous and creative with nature by bringing the outside in. Snow.  One of the most elemental, memorable art mediums from your childhood.  Recreate those memories for your little ones by making your bathtub the canvas!  With easy clean up and minimal effort, your child can be the bathtub graffiti artist of your household.

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Bathtub Graffiti

Guided Visualization for Children, or How to Take a Trip with Your Kids Without Leaving Home

Follow-up to “Sunshine Playdate,” Thursday, January 9, 2014 Grown-ups and children alike are affected by the weather in Ohio.  Gray, cold days can take hold of anyone’s moods and when it’s too cold to go outside for days on end, your child’s abundant energy needs an outlet! Creative visualization is one way to take a trip while enjoying the warmth of your pajamas!  Let your child be the captain as their imaginations drift away by using simple storytelling and props on a fun, guided journey

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Try This: Potato Prints

Potato Prints are easy to make at home.

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Try This: Geometric Relief Prints

Explore pattern with this easy print project. What You Need Hot glue, cardboard, ink, paper Try this?

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Try This: Easy Monoprints

Monoprints are simple prints where you paint on the surface. What You Need a plastic folder or baking sheet, ink, a q-tip, and paper Try this?

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gold colored monoprint on paper next to monoprint plate

Try This: Hot Glue Relief Prints

Printmaking at home just requires a little ingenuity. Here is an easy printmaking project. What You Need cardboard, ink, paper, hot glue Try this? Work slowly so you don’t burn yourself.

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relief print of whale from hot glue and plate

Try This: Photocollage Book

Photocollages are an easy way to add complex imagery to an artwork. What You Need photographs or printouts, markers, glue, and paper Try This

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