Past Event Community Night: Ohio Prison Arts Connection Pop-Up

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Thursday, November 17, 2022
6:00 – 8:00 pm



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Ohio Prison Arts Connection will display a series of fine-art posters created by seven Ohio artists impacted by incarceration in the Museum’s lobby. Artists include Twyana Davis, Mike Dunn, Gwendolyn Garth, Corey Grey, Jessica Isleim, Aaron Kiousis, and Damon Rawls. This event will include a spoken-word performance, artwork for sale, and a panel discussion between area arts and culture leaders and people who are directly impacted by incarceration in Ohio. The panel will begin around 6:30 pm. Light refreshments will also be provided.

Ohio Prison Arts Connection is partnering with arts organizations and culture-makers around Ohio to plan a series of community conversations and pop-up art exhibitions. The goal is to respond to the question “How can our artists and arts organizations show up for people impacted by the justice system?” and to go away with connections, stories, and practical ideas for what can be done going forward.

More about the poster series: Ohio Prison Arts Connection commissioned seven artists to create posters. Each artist created a piece that in their own way reflected on the process of healing and growth. The goals of the commissioning project are to provide direct financial and professional support for artists impacted by the justice system, while also building a platform for artwork by these artists to be seen in public spaces. The posters are each limited-edition, hand-printed, and unique. You can buy them from Ohio Prison Arts Connection for $30 each or $150 for the entire series at this event.

More information about Ohio Prison Arts Connection can be found here: