Past Event Midwinter Blues & Other Tunes presents Uno Lady & Oregon Space Trail of Doom

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Thursday, February 18, 2021
7:00 – 8:00 pm

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Ready for some incredible sounds? Check-in for an hour of gallery performances by Cleveland’s Uno Lady and Oregon Space Trail of Doom.

This program will premiere at 7:00 pm on the Museum’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Self-trained musician & activist, Christa Ebert, performs as Uno Lady and composes songs with her voice, electronic effect pedals, and unconventional instruments. Dream-like layers, looping ethereal tones, instruments, and beats, knit together into one lush soundscape. Oregon Space Trail of Doom: In a land that never was, housed four people that never were. Drifting on the light waves of ghost stars, these cosmic cowboys have but one intention: to create a musical score for the impending interstellar apocalypse.

Appearing on: Facebook Instagram YouTube

Midwinter Blues & Other Tunes is made possible with support from ACME Fresh Market, Akron Recording Company and Historic Arts District. Media sponsorship is provided by 91.3 The Summit.