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Bahareh and Farzaneh, together known as the Safarani Sisters, are twins who began painting at the age of thirteen in Iran. They received BAs in painting from Tehran University before relocating to Boston, where they still live, and earning MFAs at Northeastern University. The Safarani Sisters incorporate painting with video and performance art. Their hybrid works are thought-provoking and transformative experiences that weave loose but striking narratives.

Barbara Stanczak Spirit and Matter

Stanczak committed to working with wood and stone only after a long process of discovery. Born in Germany in 1941, she moved to the United States in 1960 to assist her grandfather in painting church frescoes, and later worked in handmade paper, metal, and a variety of other media. She also worked alongside her husband, Julian Stanczak, whose paintings and prints were celebrated at the Akron Art Museum with a one-artist show in 2013. As her own career evolved throughout her thirty-seven-year tenure as a professor at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Barbara carved her first wooden sculpture in 1992. β€œI was tired of searching,” she recalls. β€œIt was time to arrive!”

RETOLD: African American Art and Folklore

African and African American folklore have been around as long as humankind. These stories teach about culture, the mysteries of life, and the survival of a race of people bought and sold who continue to thrive in various aspects of an unjust society.

Willie Cole. American Domestic, 2016. Digital pigment print and serigraph on paper. Collection of Wesley and Missy Cochran. 236ColW.2