Final Studies: Andrea Palagiano

Undergraduate Student, University of Akron

Painting and Drawing

Title of Exhibition: Self-Conscious

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Self-Conscious is a reflection of the relation between introversion and projected self. The integration of figure and pattern along with application of layers is indicative of a person’s thought process in defining self within society. The narrative points to a sense of mystery and drama as the figures vary from passiveness and prominence. Bold, intense colors are married with neutral counterparts. Controlled patterns are juxtaposed with autonomous textures created by paint chemistry. Duality becomes a common thread as it mimics my own psychology navigating between the nature versus nurtured aspects of character.

This series came from experiencing intensified feelings of loss, desperation, frustration, and at times, apathy. With each process, the masks and layers serve as an allegory of personal journey and complexity of self within social consciousness.

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Left: Desolation. Right: Girls don;t wear pants
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Final Studies are in partnership with The University of Akron and are made possible with support from Fifth Third Bank and the Robert O. and Annamae Orr Family Foundation.