Island of Misfit Toys- at Home!

Happy December, everyone. For over a decade, the museum has hosted the annual Island of Misfit Toys event in December. During this fun-filled, festive day, we take broken, well-loved toys, smash them to bits, then reassemble them into wacky, wonderful sculptures. It is one of our favorite days of the year. The creatures and structures that come out of the workshop are covered in googly eyes, sparkles, doll arms, and are bursting with creativity. 

While we can’t all get together this year to build our misfit toys masterpieces, we do have some ideas on how you could bring this tradition home. Here are a few simple project ideas you could create with the whole family.

First up, using toys as tools. There are many a broken toy lying around my house these days. Instead of being tossed in the trash, they can be transformed into painting tools. Simply gather whatever you have lying around that you don’t mind getting a bit messy. You’ll also need paper and paint. 

Use the broken toy pieces as brushes or stamps by dipping them into the paint and then dragging, dotting, and stamping them onto the paper.