By Mark Masuoka, Executive Director and CEO

As children, we were all told to be cautious of the deep end of the pool.  That is where the risky people gathered, the thrill seekers, individuals who wanted more than just the shallow end experience.  In many ways, our lives haven’t really changed from those Stand By Me years.  The idea of risk taking still means to go where few decide to venture, to purposely challenge yourself to take on a new task, a different role at work or even a new career, because deep down you know it will be a lot more fun, exciting and scary.
When was the last time you jumped in the deep end of the pool?  Stood on the edge of the unknown and just said go for it.   My guess is …that if it has been recently, you are still benefiting from the experience and can’t wait for another one.  If it’s been awhile, it’s time to get wet.