#MuseumGames #Crossword-April 5, 2020

Our weekly puzzle this week features clues from museums around the continent including: Air Force Space & Missile Museum, Akron Art Museum, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA), Canadian War Museum, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cummer Gardens, Eastern State Penitentiary, Fairfield University Art Museum, Go For Broke National Education Center, John Hay Library, The Kalamazoo Valley Museum, The Long Island Children’s Museum, Sharon Temple National Historic Site & Museum, Telfair Museums, The Adler Planetarium, The Cleveland History Center, The Contemporary Jewish Museum, The Demuth Museum, The Dyckman Farmhouse Museum, The Erie Canal Museum, The International Printing Museum, The Johnson Collection, The McMaster Museum of Art, The Nasher Sculpture Center, The Pueblo Grande Museum, The Textile Museum of Canada, The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, and The Wolfsonian–FIU.

Play online. Or download it. (And last week’s answer are here).



What Walker Evan’s workers did, in a photograph from the Akron Art Museum.





10 Across

That other thing on the wall

12 Across


15 Across

The 442nd Regimental Combat Team, an Army unit comprised of Japanese Americans from Hawai’i and the mainland United States activated during World War II, initially trained at Camp ___ in Mississippi. The Go For Broke National Education Center can tell you more.

18 Across

Meeko at Cleveland Museum of Natural History for one

19 Across

This self-portrait by poet and artist Kahlil _______, author of The Prophet, is part of the largest collection of his visual art in the United States, housed at Telfair Museums in Savannah, Georgia. Check out Telfair Museums for more.

20 Across

A medical mission in Newfoundland and Labrador in the early 20th century that produced hooked rugs. Look at the Textile Museum of Canada for more.

22 Across

Cetus is not only a mythical sea monster of Greek mythology, but is also a constellation. Besides being called Cetus the sea monster, it is also known as this animal in English: Cetus the____. Look to the Adler Planetarium for a clue.

23 Across

Artist Dudley Vaill Talcott exhibited the Wrestler, the beloved sculpture/mascot of The Wolfsonian–FIU, at this New York modern art museum in 1931. The Wolfsonian–FIU can help.

26 Across

This starchitect designed San Francisco’s most cubic museum. The Contemporary Jewish Museum can give you a hint.

29 Across

Gallery Stop

30 Across

What green wayfinding sign in the Nasher Sculpture Center was such an engineering/manufacturing feat when the building opened in 2003, one was acquired for the MOMA collection? The Nasher Sculpture Center can help.

31 Across

225 Parsons Street was home to this instrument maker for almost 100 years. The Kalamazoo Valley Museum is the place to find out.

34 Across

Out to __

36 Across

The only remaining weighlock building in the United States is located in this New York State city. The Erie Canal Museum has a hint.

37 Across

Elihu Vedder’s Sleeping girl’s complexion. Give the Akron Art Museum a look.

38 Across

Charles Demuth was one of the leading artists in which art movement, seen particularly in his later architectural works? The Demuth Museum can give you a clue.

40 Across

Quick message

42 Across

This Astrochimp was the first hominid launched into space on January 31, 1961 through Project Mercury from Cape Canaveral. Check out Air Force Space & Missile Museum for more.

43 Across

Planet, often

44 Across

An amatuer archeologist, this person’s finds became a 5,000 piece collection housed at the last farmhouse in Manhattan. Learn more at the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum.

46 Across

Even’s pair

47 Across

Pucci’s tool to add shape to this “Hippie”: minidress, from the Cleveland History Center.

48 Across

Hoop holder from this Dassonville portrait from the Akron Art Museum.


1 Down

Visitor’s services tool

2 Down

In Inuit art, this animal is often depicted dancing, perhaps signifying the joyful transformation between shaman and spirit helper. The McMaster Museum of Art is the place to find out.

4 Down

First name of this famous 20th century magician, billed as the “Dean of Magicians”. John Hay Library can help.

5 Down

____ the Dog was sentenced to life in prison at Eastern State Penitentiary for allegedly killing the Pennsylvania governor’s cat in 1924. Thankfully, the dog was really just donated to increase prison morale. Eastern State Penitentiary is where you can learn more.

7 Down

This British Decoration, the ______ Medal, is considered ”the animal’s Victoria Cross” . The Canadian War Museum can help.

9 Down

Opposite of Plain

11 Down

Largest known flying animal to have ever lived. The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History can help.

13 Down

This sculptor — a student of legendary ceramicist and UC Berkeley professor Peter Voulkos — mixes allusions to modernism, middlebrow culture, & specific pop sensibility of Northern California in exquisitely formed works, often no bigger than a few inches. Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) can help.

14 Down

Museum part

16 Down


17 Down

Oy in other words

18 Down

Members of the Children of Peace were active participants in the Upper Canada ______ of 1837 calling for political reform. Sharon Temple National Historic Site & Museum can tell you.

21 Down

Frida Kahlo depicted herself with her pet ________, named Fulang-Chang, in her self-portrait in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery’s collection.

24 Down

This famous author published and printed her own writings, as well as those of her contemporaries T.S. Eliot and Gertrude Stein, under the name Hogarth Press. The International Printing Museum can give you a clue.

25 Down

A vessel with a likeness to a human or animal. The Pueblo Grande Museum is the place to find the answer.

27 Down

Harlem Renaissance sculptor Selma Burke’s best-known work can be found on which U.S. coin? Visit The Johnson Collection for more.

28 Down

What Roman author told the story of this heroic rescue in his “Metamorphoses”? Fairfield University Art Museum is the place to find out.

32 Down

Nickname for story + ART, an early childhood program at Long Island Children’s Museum. Long Island Children’s Museum can help.

33 Down

The jewel in the crown of the Cummer Gardens is the Italian Garden, one of only a handful of extant gardens designed by female landscape architect Ellen Biddle _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Learn more.

34 Down


35 Down

Pair with Wrong

39 Down


41 Down

Museum Activity

45 Down


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